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PDF files are the prefer file type, but we accept all types, including working files with fonts and links. See below.

Minimum Resolution Settings: We advise that all files be above a certain DPI (dots per inch) for small & large format printing. In order to produce prints with an optimal amount of quality and sharpness, we recommend these minimum resolutions at final print size:

Small Format Color: 300DPI
Large Format Color: 150DPI
Wall Coverings: 72DPI
Vehicle Wraps: 72DPI
Window Graphics: 72DPI
Portable Displays: 150DPI

Crop Marks & Bleeds: All files should be setup with a minimum of 1/8” bleed on all sides with crop marks included.
Color Space: We accept Pantone, CMYK and RGB color spaces. For optimal results, make sure that all original profiles are embedded within the files.
Accepted File Types: PDF, EPS, TIF, GIF, PNG, AI, PSD, INDD and original working files with fonts and links.

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